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Charter Revenue

The ability to offer increased utilization of your aircraft through charter operations is an important part of the Baker Aviation Fleet Management program. This revenue-producing activity will have a significant effect on the overall cost of operating your aircraft.


Baker Aviation currently operates in the network of nation's largest aircraft charter fleet. In having a preferred operator's relationship with a number of the leading regional charter operators, we are able to maximize the charter potential of each owner's aircraft. Baker Aviation currently maintains a national database of known users of private jet services in the United States consisting of leading companies in the fields of entertainment, real estate, finance, high technology, medical services, and aerospace.


The Baker Aviation charter program features a variety of fuel programs and discounted rates to the aircraft owners. These programs and discounts from contract fuel providers shelter you from the volatility of the fuel market and insure you of a reliable revenue stream.


The aircraft owner is responsible for reimbursing Baker Aviation for all maintenance and fixed costs including: insurance, general administrative costs, pilot services, fuel reimbursements, and hangar fees. Baker Aviation is responsible for credit management and other incidental expenses associated with charter flights.

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FAA Part 135 Certificate #7BAA817M / FAA Part 145 Certificate #5BVR011C


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